The Right, Rights: Translating the Miranda Warning

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The Right, Rights: Translating the Miranda Warning

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Frozen texts are often troubling for interpreters. Coupled with the complexity of the legal system, frozen texts such as the Miranda Warning can be an intimidating task to tackle in ASL. This DVD provides a guided look at the construction of a culturally rich, conceptually accurate rendering of the Miranda Warning. By exploring the history of the warning, the disparities in culture, and the linguistic considerations, this disc will provide a framework whereby sign language interpreters of all levels can gain confidence in developing an effective interpretation appropriate for use in the criminal justice system.

65 Minutes Running Time

3 Renditions of the Miranda Warning

Presented in ASL with English Voice Over and Subtitles.

Brandon Morgan

Brandon (NIC Master, SC:L, NAD IV, BEI Master) approaches new settings with a sense of humor, and his contagious enthusiasm influences his energetic instructional style.  In a fast-paced and interactive learning environment, Brandon’s goal is to provide practical strategies that fellow interpreters can immediately put into practice.  He considers it a privilege to help his colleagues gain confidence and enrich their existing skill sets by integrating their past successes with new information.  He sums this up in his mission statement: “To make those around me wildly successful."

Authored by: Brandon J. Morgan
Directed and Produced by: Wink
Copyright: Winkshop, 2012

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