Interactive Online Courses 

Winkshop is thrilled to offer a self paced option for deliberate practice! These online courses are designed with modules packed with lectures and deliberate practice homework to be submitted and reviewed for feedback. Consider it like a one-on-one workshop!

Self Paced, complete all your work at your own pace

Location: Your Home!


How to show and tell: Parsing, a new interpreter model

Author: Wink, MA, MBA, NIC Master

2 hours per module = 1.0 CEUs (PS)
Self Paced

Parsing is an innovative tool that gives interpreters and students a deliberate practice model to enhance their work. It forces users to break English form and to think critically about ASL when generating options for rendering an interpreted message in ASL.

When presented with a flowchart of guided questions, participants discover more effective and reproducible results in message comprehension and translation of the target language. This is parsing: to separate out and compartmentalize the message in order to unpack, understand, and practice English-to-ASL interpreting with detailed steps that utilize the interpreter’s abilities and knowledge of both languages.

The 5th Parameter: ASL Mouth MORPHEMES

Author: Dr. Byron Bridges

Six modules = .7 CEUs (PS)
Self Paced

Based on his seminal book "Deaf Tend Your" first published in 1996 then re-edited and re-filmed for 2015, comes Dr. Byron Bridges online course "The 5th Parameter: Mouth Morphemes in ASL." This course expands on Deaf Tend Your by providing tools to participants to learn how modifier mouth morphemes can change the meaning of signs and much more. This course is perfect for those who want to practice deliberately and receive feedback on their work. A preview of the course is provided below.


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