Jul 27

Chapin SC

I will be doing a wide range of workshops for the South Carolina Educational Interpreting Center. Schedule:

Monday - Thursday 9-5pm

9:00 am09:00

Roanoke, VA. VRID and VDOE Educational Interpreter Training Grant Present Deliberate Practice

  • Virginia Western Community College

Deliberate Practice, How?
Presented by Wink Smith

0.6 CEUs in Professional Studies Offered

Where: Virginia Western Community College
3095 Colonial Ave SW Roanoke, VA 24015

Saturday, July 29, 2017, 9:00AM - 4:00PM (.6 CEUs)

POC: Tammy Fortune vridpres@gmail.com

What does it take to become an expert? Passively listening to a lecture, reading a skill development book, and watching vlogs will not transform that practitioner into an expert, nor will working eighty hours a week. The key is to incorporate deliberate practice: identify a narrow goal, and practice that skill unit until it is mastered. Wink brings research from Simon and Chase, Ericsson, and Bloom to sign language interpreters to forever dispel the myth that mastery is unattainable.This workshop breaks down how participants can analyze and identify their own goals for practice, demonstrates how to deliberately practice discrete linguistic aspects, and provides an opportunity to begin this process. *Presented in ASL*


Wink, MA, MBA, NIC Master, enjoys researching and creating various workshops that focus on skill building through deliberate practice, which he wrote about in the RID Views, Winter 2012 issue. Presenting workshops the last five years at national conferences (NAD, RID, Silent Weekend) regional conferences (RID I, II, III, IV, V), state conferences, and local workshops across the nation has given Wink experiences to enhance applications for interpreters of all levels. Wink is widely noted for the comfortable atmosphere he creates and the passion he exudes. Currently Wink travels full time performing, presenting workshops, and managing Winkshop, Inc, through which he has developed a dozen training DVDs. A fun fact: in 2016 alone, Wink traveled professionally enough miles to circle the earth over three times.

Target Audience: Those who want to learn how to practice deliberately within home studies

CEUs:  VRID is an approved RID CMP Sponsor for Continuing Education Activities.  This program is offered for 0.6 possible CEUs in the content area of professional studies.

Cancellation Policy: Full refunds will be issued if written notice is provided to VRID by July 15, 2017, two weeks prior to the event activity.  No refunds will be issued within two weeks of the event start date. 

Reasonable Accommodations: If you require a reasonable accommodation for this event, please contact the POC by July 15, 2017.  Although requests for accommodations will be accepted after this date, VRID cannot guarantee the accommodation will be provided.

Oct 8

PARID Conference

  • Ramada Conference Center State College

I will be presenting my Space Walk workshop on Friday 6-9pm and my Parsing workshop Saturday 1-540pm

Oct 21

Greenville SC

I will be doing a wide range of workshops for the South Carolina Educational Interpreting Center. Schedule:

Friday 6-9PM

Saturday 8-4pm

Jan 27

Greenville, SC

I will be doing a wide range of workshops for the South Carolina Educational Interpreting Center. Schedule:

Friday 6-9PM

Saturday 8-4pm

Apr 28

Greenville, SC

I will be doing a wide range of workshops for the South Carolina Educational Interpreting Center. Schedule:

Friday 6-9PM

Saturday 8-4pm

Jun 15

Iowa Educational Conference

Show Tuesday night "Gifts From My Deaf Father" 

Wednesday: Space Walk Workshop

Thursday: Parsing Workshop


Bellevue College Washington
7:00 pm19:00

Bellevue College Washington

I will be returning to Bellevue, WA! This time to perform my entire comedy show! You may be wondering why Keith Wann's name has been stricken... This is because Keith had an accident with his knee that is prohibiting him from performing and has decided to retire his live comedy show. (No worries he will still provide endless entertainment via studio work). 

Purchase tickets here winkasl.bpt.me
Questions please email bellevuecollege.edu@gmail.com
Follow them on Facebook Facebook.com/BCASLClubstudentweb.bellevuecollege.edu/asl

Aurora, CO
8:00 am08:00

Aurora, CO

  • Rangeview High School

I will be presenting: Make the English Tangible in ASL

Oct 23

Madison, WI WisRID 2016 Conference

  • Madison Marriott West

Will be doing a show, my Space Walk workshop, and Parsing workshop!

October 22, 2016 2:30pm-5:30pm, October 22, 2016 Evening Entertainment, and October 23, 2016 from 9am-12pm

Oct 8

Greensboro, NC

Workshops for the community, ASL students, interpreting Students, and practicing interpreters. ALSO a show for everyone! Voice actor/interpreter provided for your hearing friends and family. More information coming soon.

Jul 20


I will be presenting a Keynote and two workshops!

San Diego, CA Fringe Festival
Jul 2

San Diego, CA Fringe Festival

  • The Geoffrey Off Broadway / Raw Space Theater

I will be performing "Gifts From My Deaf Father" at the Fringe Festival in San Diego, at the The Geoffrey Off Broadway / Raw Space show dates and times:

Monday June 27 6pm - 7pm
Wednesday June 29 1030pm - 1130pm
Friday July 1 730pm - 830pm
Saturday July 2 230pm - 330pm
Sunday July 3 11:30am - 1230pm

Purchase Tickets Here: https://sdfringe.ticketleap.com/gifts-from-my-deaf-father/dates

To learn more click here

Show will be performed in American Sign Language interpreted into English

Jun 26

Orlando, FL Silent Weekend

  • The Florida Hotel and Conference Center

The Silent Weekend is a Deaf owned and operated venue providing interpreters and language acquisition students with presenters nationally renown with timely topics.  Past topics included medical interpreting, legal interpreting, Islamic and Jewish culture and signs, linguistics, situational ethics, etc.  Overall, approximately 70 classes are provided.