Earn CEUs with Winkshop DVDs, Digital Streaming, and Online Correspondence Programs

CEUs on the Go! has partnered with WinkASL to provide CEUs for ALL of Wink’s educational DVDs! Idioms, Tangible, and Blockbuster, all now approved for 0.15 PS CEUs! That’s a total of 0.45 PS CEUs for all three DVDs combined! The process is simple! Purchase your copies of any (Or All) of the DVDs with CEUs processing at


Once you finished enjoying and studying the DVDs, you then take a post test online and BAM!... ok that was cheesy, and there is no sound effects, but onomatopoeias are fun! Meh, Point? You get your CEUs!

Interactive Online Courses 

Winkshop is thrilled to offer a self paced option for deliberate practice! These online courses are designed with modules packed with lectures and deliberate practice homework to be submitted and reviewed for feedback. Consider it like a one-on-one workshop!

Self Paced, complete all your work within three-months

Location: Your Home!