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Classifiers is one of the most flexible and dynamic aspects of ASL.  If ASL is not your first language, then it’s likely that using them did not come naturally to you.  In this DVD, Dr. Byron Bridges will challenge you further by asking what type of classifier do you struggle with most.  This presentation will teach you how to identify the types of classifiers there are and how to use them appropriately.  It will introduce you to terms like “perimeter morpheme,” “movement roots,” and “classifier predicates” to give you tools to discuss your work.  This DVD details classifiers in a scaffold approach that allows you to learn about this imperative linguistic aspect of ASL in a manner that is fun, thought provoking, and allows for creativity. Access to this DVD will provide you the means necessary to conduct deliberate practice.

Practice with 27 Handshapes
101 Minutes of Instruction and practice videos
*200 additional minutes worth of practice content
(*Speed of completion may vary)
Presented in ASL with English Voice over and Subtitles.

Authored by Dr. Byron Bridges

Dr. Byron Bridges was born Deaf to Deaf parents and grew up with a Deaf sister. ASL is his primary language throughout his entire life. He attended both deaf and public schools. Dr. Bridges earned his Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Deaf Studies at California State University of Northridge, a Masters of Arts (MA) degree in Linguistics from Gallaudet University and a doctoral degree (Ed.D) in Deaf Studies and Deaf Education at Lamar University. Dr. Bridges co-authored the book, Deaf Tend Yours. He has written video scripts and produced numerous deaf-related videotapes/DVDs. He is a nationally known teacher and lecturer in ASL and sign Language interpretation. Bridges has been in the field of ASL linguistics, interpreting and post secondary teaching of ASL as a second language for 30 years. He is a Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI), earning the certification through the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.

Authored and Co-Directed by: Dr. Byron Bridges
Co-Directed and Produced by: Wink
Copyright: Winkshop, 2012

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