Gifts From My Deaf Father

A Story of Love, Tragedy, and Hope

Rated pg, 60 minutes

Growing up with Deaf parents, Wink watched them recount their life story in American Sign Language (ASL). In 1987, Wink’s father was working nights at the post office with plans to go back to college when his life was redefined by the news that his wife’s car was hit by a train.

Wink’s mother’s accident framed the stories he grew up with. Looking back, he realizes just how much his parents taught him about life, hardship, love, the beauty of ASL, and the value of Deaf Culture. He witnessed firsthand ASL storytelling, being led through each scene and feeling the impact no matter how many times he’d seen the story. Those twists and turns he relived with his parents over the years have become part of him, eventually leading to the creation of My Father’s Gift. This show shares his parents’ powerful story.

Visit the scene of his mother’s accident, and the confusion at the hospital. See his father fight to defend what he believed was right, no matter the cost. Peek later into Wink’s kindergarten class where, as a child of Deaf adults (CODA), he had his first introduction to the hearing world. Audiences can expect joy, frustration, sadness, and hope on this journey. Watch as Wink shares his father’s many gifts.

Interpreted into spoken English. Only 99 Seats per showing, get your tickets in advance.

Show Times

Monday June 27 6pm - 7pm
Wednesday June 29 1030pm - 1130pm
Friday July 1 730pm - 830pm
Saturday July 2 230pm - 330pm
Sunday July 3 11:30am - 1230pm

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The Geoffrey Off Broadway
923 1st Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101


The kind folks over at Interpreters Unlimited wrote up a fantastic blog about the event.  Click Here to read more

The kind folks over at Interpreters Unlimited wrote up a fantastic blog about the event. Click Here to read more