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Interactive Online Correspondence Winkshop

2 hours of work per week = 1.0 CEUs (PINRA)
TWO options: Five week course or elect a self-pace option

Location: Your Home!
Course is asynchronous
By: Wink, NIC Master
Workshops Presented in ASL

How to show and tell: Parsing, a new interpreter model

Parsing is an innovative tool that gives interpreters and students a deliberate practice model to enhance their work. It forces users to break English form and to think critically about ASL when generating options for rendering an interpreted message in ASL.

Sign language interpreters seek message equivalency. The interpreter education landscape has historically focused on language acquisition, interpreting models, and other tools to assist second language users to become familiar with ASL grammar and provide techniques to provide message equivalency (Cokely, 1984. Lee, 1992). These sets of theoretical directions leave the user to make decisions without an explicit guide. The goal is to break the source message from its form and reconstruct the target message within the constraints of its linguistic system...but how?

When presented with a flowchart of guided questions, participants discover more effective and reproducible results in message comprehension and translation of the target language. This is parsing: to separate out and compartmentalize the message in order to unpack, understand, and practice English-to-ASL interpreting with detailed steps that utilize the interpreter’s abilities and knowledge of both languages.

This workshop will instruct participants on how to parse written English texts using a flowchart which will guide comprehension of the English text (and detachment from it) and provide structured choices for the target text. This deliberate practice provides the key to creating an internal framework for processed interpretation. With continued use and internalization of the process, participants will produce live work with more awareness and intentional choices for creating equivalent messages. *Presented in ASL*

Course Setup

Each week you will be granted access to a lecture about the parsing process. At the end of each lecture you will be assigned homework that is due on the following Sunday. Each lecture and time spent on homework will be about an hour each for a total of two hours each week, 10 hours for the course.

Wink will assess your submitted homework and provide feedback on your work. Wink also will be available for a Skype session if needed to explain certain aspects and concepts.

Participants will be able to identify the possible emotions in a sample sentence understanding the difference between showing and stating emotions.

Participants will be able to explain the process in depicting and partitioning objects within a sample sentence/text.

Participants will be able to identify several possible ways to show the required actions in a sample sentence/text.

Participants will be able to define Parsing and apply the decision tree to your deliberate practice work

Participants will be able to define the linguistic aspect of Depicting Verbs, Surrogation, Partitioning, Networking, Affect and mouth morphemes, Lexical signs and Fingerspelling