Five of Wink's DVDs Package Deal

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Five of Wink's DVDs Package Deal

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Own five of Wink's ASL DVDs in this combo package Sale Price $79.99 That's a savings of $20.00

Educational DVDs

Idioms! "Do You See What I'm Saying?"

This DVD demonstrates how to break down idioms by using concepts in American Sign Language instead of transliterating them word for word in English. This DVD will provide ideas on analyzing English idioms and ways of conceptualizing them into ASL.

80 Minutes of Instruction
16:9 Widescreen
35 Idioms Demonstrated With Various Concepts
Definitions & Examples


This DVD was created to provide you with the tools needed to select and practice classifiers as well as to help you to feel comfortable with producing concepts through ASL by using classifiers. Guided instructions and stories will allow you to create your own work and then be able to compare it with Windell “Wink” Smith Jr’s versions of the same stories on this DVD.

95 Minutes
16:9 Widescreen Ratio
Presented in ASL and English Voice Over
11 Different Lesson Plans


Have you ever seen an ASL story performance and thought, "That's like watching a movie!"?  Television and film use certain conventions (often referred to as the "grammar") when recording and editing audiovisual media.  ASL literature has been found to use the same types of conventions by ASL "writers."  Deaf, interpreters, and students alike should be able to incorporate these into their work.  Cinematic techniques and formulas are already used by the Deaf community.  If someone wants to create captivating “blockbuster” ASL literature or wants to create stunning visual interpreting work, they must be aware and practice these conventions.

This DVD includes some of the most important conventions for conveying meaning through particular camera and editing techniques (as well as some of the specialized vocabulary of film production) through the use of space, classifiers, forced perspective, eye gaze, and other ASL aspects.

Entertainment DVDs

My Father's Gift

Looking back, Wink realizes just how much his parents taught him about life, hardship, love, the beauty of ASL, and the value of Deaf Culture. He witnessed firsthand ASL storytelling: being led through each scene and feeling the jolts of the twist and turns no matter how many times he’d seen the story. Those twists and turns he relived with his parents over the years have become a part of him, eventually leading to the creation of My Father’s Gift. This show shares his parents’ powerful story. 

Visit the scene of his mother’s accident, and the following confusion at the hospital. See his father fight to defend what he believed was right, no matter the cost. Peek later into Wink’s kindergarten class where, as a CODA, he had his first introduction to the hearing world. Audiences can expect joy, frustration, sadness, and hope on this journey. Watch as Wink shares his father’s many gifts. 

Rated PG
102 Minutes
16:9 Widescreen Ratio
Presented in ASL, English Voice and Subtitles
Bonus Features:
Visit the accident site
Parents see the show
The drive
And more!

S.E.E. Me Fail: ASL Comedy DVD

“I Can’t Believe It’s Not ASL!” - S.E.E. with half the classifiers and none of the concepts!  

 Signing Exact English (I and II), forced oralism, and ignorance have gotten on Wink’s last Non Manual Marker! Enjoy bits from his on-the-road stand-up comedy performed in American Sign Language with some in-studio videos to give a one-on-one mentoring experience! 


-- “I laughed so hard my beret fell on William Stokoe lap!” ~ Laurent Clerc  

-- “He truly hit a grand slam with this one” ~ “Dummy” Hoy 

-- “Pizza!” ~ Keith Wann 

-- “I’ve seen people suck before, but that was the suckiest piece of suck that ever sucked!” ~ Alexander Graham Bell

Perfect for: Recovering S.E.E. signers, ignorant Alexander Graham Bell members, interpreters whose all day job just got cancelled, ASL students (no joke here, they are fragile), and of course Deaf clubs to be able to entertain young CODAs at 2 am. 

On the road and in-studio! Bits include: CODA/Gorilla, Interpreter Interrogation, Interpreter Pick Up Lines, Nightmare on Interpreter AVE, and S.E.E. 3

Rated ASL-13
85 Minutes
16:9 Widescreen Ratio
Presented in ASL,
And stand-up voiced


Wink, NIC Master, enjoys researching and creating various workshops that focus on skill building through deliberate practice (RID Views, Winter 2012). Presenting workshops the last ten years at national conferences (NAD, RID, Silent Weekend) regional conferences (RID I, II, III, IV), state conferences, and local workshops across the nation has given Wink experiences to enhance applications for interpreters of all levels. Wink is widely noted for the comfortable atmosphere he creates and the passion he exudes. Currently Wink travels full time performing, presenting workshops, and managing Winkshop, Inc, through which he has developed a dozen training DVDs. A fun fact: in 2015 alone, Wink’s professional travels covered enough miles to circle the Earth over three times.